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We here at the Mighty Ginkgo are always super happy to help, but this help is super draining.
We offer free items but in most cases we are buying these out of our own pocket.

To be honest out of the four people who help run The Mighty Ginkgo

Only two of us have jobs

The other two stay on Discord all day, almost all night answering questions.

Which is why we may need a little support. Every bit of the given money goes to

Helping us function.
o please consider gifting us with your financial generosity.



The Instructor who makes all the tutorials and trouble shoots. Suffers from Bipolar and is often in a manic state or coma; multitasking master



The Master of the butt and main troubleshooter in the discord channel. Specializing in avatar making, tails, and all things butt. Known Gremlin and instigator great at parties!.


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The first non-Zero member of the Ginkgo crew! Full of skills really good at texturing and is one of the other Admins that trouble shoot Sl problems on our discord. Please for the love of GOD dont get her started on that damn shoe.

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