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I absolutely haate this body. The body isn’t by any means ugly, but the business practice of picking and choosing who gets a Dev kit is.
 They’re also in the habit of  pretending that the dev kit is in limited supply. Not to mention forcing people to sign contacts providing
their real life information in exchange for the luxury of making mesh clothes.
To be honest, I only agreed to make these kits in hopes of  hurting them for their bad business practices But these kits only made them more popular.

Such is life.

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Class Materials

Other Materials

Sublimely Magnificent Bootleg Maitreya developer kit G-1 Edition edition

EXPERIMENTAL KIT with Sliders ( w/correct UVs)

EXPERIMENTAL KIT without Sliders( w/correct UVs)

Slink V5.3&Petite(EXPERMENTAL) Devkit