HOLD IT!! If you’re having problems with hydra Like getting an error as you try to run it Please read the bottom of this page Before you contact us. FAQ and troubleshooting

Before we begin with the solutions you should know about the situation. While Hydra is currently functioning it is technically broken. The latest update to Second life created a security conflict that causes the viewer to freeze, crash, or error. While we have developed a few work arounds to some of these issues. They don’t work with all users.

If you fall in the where the fix doesn’t work, then you need to wait for the update.

Please don’t ask us when the update will be released, we don’t know. Hydra has one sometimes two developers. Both people work full time jobs and are picking at the viewer in their free time.

So it’ll be done when it’s done, and when it’s done we’ll release it here. In the meanwhile

Grab your Glue and duct tape, and meet me below in the FAQ

Common Error #1

LLviewerInput Bindmouse cant bind key to function Error

The file :\Users\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64\user_settings\key_bindings.xml gets changed with the new Firestorm version, older ones can't process it.

depending on your installation and regional Windows installation, the installation path may vary and be in the subfolder for your particular Windows user. In such cases, the installation path will look like this:

install drive :\Users\Windows Username\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64\user_settings

Hydra and FS place their settings files into the same folder by default, the path mentioned above is the one on Win10.

So if you install the new Firestorm, it overwrites the previous key_bindings.xml file and the next time you try to run Hydra, it crashes on startup.


(Make sure your folder options has VIEW HIDDEN FILES ENABLED)

Navigate to the AppData folder
\Users\Windows Username\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64\user_settings



Delete the key_bindings.xml file

Both, Firestorm and Hydrastorm, will just create a new xml file if it is missing.

However it is worth noting that this will keep happening every time you load up a new version of Firestorm.

Which means you’ll have to do this at every run.

Video solution

Common Error #2

I don’t want to delete the Keybind and

Reinput my name everytime!

The solution to this is pretty simple all you have to do is turn back time and use an older version

Of Firestorm and Hydra.

The problem with that is that Firestorm blocked the version of firestorm that worked the best with Hydra.


Well it would be if we didn’t have a way to unblock it

So before we get into this tutorial just know that the moment you install the new version of

Firestorm it’ll overwrite all this stuff and you’ll go back to deleting the keybind and putting your name in the box over and over again.

(I did hear reports that creating a new user on your windows for your Hydra and one for your new firestorm works but I haven’t tested it myself. )

Either way its a good idea to back up your info in the firestorm preference menu.

So let’s begin.

A clean Install and reinstall is needed to fix this.

First step is to uninstall Hydra and latest firestorm (edited)

Then Reinstall the old Firestorm


Please note that this version is currently blocked so you cant sign in with it at the moment

Once this is installed, Install Hydra now

if you want to use the old viewer that was blocked. Begin the unblocking process by

Going  into the folder

USERS\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm\user-settings\fsdata.xml file

remove everything between

BlockedReleasesand  and "EventsMOTD"

Make the file READ-ONLY and open your viewer.

You are no longer blocked!

Everything should work.

If it doesn’t then that means you’re stuck in the waiting for the update box


Yeah that’s not here anymore, you people don’t read and just skip over all this and email me anyway.. Soooooo Nah kid, read..figure it out and if it’s still on fire, accept it and move on ..