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Welcome to the Hydra Viewer as you all know for the longest time we have relied on and used Darkstorm however due to Linden labs changing the damn inventory code our beloved Darkstorm has Broken.

While most of the features  still function, The change in code means that we're stuck forever in an orange cloud. Unable to see our own bodies, rezz our inventory or wear any of the clothes that we

have in our possession.

Other people will still rezz fine, however this means you cannot do things such as export items  animations, gestures, skins, and anything else that's in your inventory.

You are limited only to what you can see on someone else.

This was a problem,and once it was discovered that the viewer was broken

We sent out an SOS! and a month later a group of coders came to save the day.

Of course they didn't do this for free and we had to pay a hefty price for them to help us, but everything worked out and we now have a viewer that is not only clean but functional.

We also have a team of  developers who will update the viewer alongside the main viewer.

Which means we no longer have to fear the stretchy Bento error of our past.

So before we begin this tutorial I would like to take a moment to thank those coders that came to our rescue. Ap0110, MrBonbasticsensei, Thenutmaker,and Flexi

Thank you guys how much for putting in the hard work the effort the time and the skill to make Hydra what it is today we are in great debt to you and your service.

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