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Zero’s Notes


I hate this body I hate this body I hate this body I cant staaaand this body good lord I hate this body. Never before had I hated a body as much as I hate this one.
Well this was the.. I wanna say third body I tried extracting from second life. Right after the success of Lara we instantly got requests for this one, and my GOD
I tried for months to A put the body together B to rig it and C try to get clothes to stick.
Couldn't get it.
I met a person on the squad who tried it, she couldn't it. We met Turnips and she couldn't get t.
We waited years and then Meshes came out.
We were all so excited… but did it work?
and whhhy didn't it work? Because the creator had to be so damn snazzy with his rigging.
and positioned the arms in this crazy ass A pose.
After awhile I wait and someone slips me the dev kit. The real dev kit..
it’s broken
wait and other year and someone slips me the updated real dev kit, it’s still broken just not as bad..
Which is why it’s here in the experimental section.
Anywho, please enjoy the notes and kit and maybe you can help get this thing a goin’ because honestly.. I hate this body.. And I’m tired of looking at it XD

Zero’s Notes  2

So i did some research with the new Aesthetic 3D Mesh Clothing Developer Kit

Experimented with various blender and avastars and junk

and it still clips

not as bad as before but its not perfect, its like.. it comes with one in the action pose and one in the Tpose

The tpose one makes the best fitting as in closest to the body but it still clips in the  shoulders since it's not a.. T pose, Kinda like the Belleza used to do before we figured out Bind pose exporting

When you try the action  A pose it's in  the shoulders are fine but it clips along the arms

The other methods will cause it to be too large , like 2-3x the size of the body or sinking into the body

this was even run on the mesh they included  as the base, meaning I exported the body and tried to wear it and even it clipped with the body

now it could be possible that I may have an outdated version of the demo

and maybe it's not as bad on an updated demo, but as is it's a little clippy

if you're dedicated in making clothes for this body ou can push and pull your garments out to make a perfect fit

I did consider modifying the body to compensate for the clipping

However the last time I did that, I was getting emails and skype calls at 4am in the morning form people complaining that the Lara's butt is too big and her shoulders were uneven and I'm like eeeeeeeeyeaah no I'm not dealing with that

So if you guys are okay with that.. then I can do an experimental tutorial  documenting what I think is the best method

for making clothes on this thing

But if you wanna hold out for perfection thennnnnnn welll...

Wearing the provided body in A pose

The tshirt in A

The size difference between body and garment in A

please note that shirt was modelled to be skin tight against the body in all cases

 Body in T

Tshirt in T

Difference between shirt and body in T

Avastar 2 RC7


This body does not in any shape or form work with 2.72, it needs to be rigged /attached to the skeleton in 2.79

also  manual attachment such as CTRL+P will cause a failure in the rigging, this  body demands mean Avastar binding

This is a avastar 2 rig it was made with the earliest version of avastar 2

2.0.9 or something like that, to put that in perspective.

The version I use is Avastar 2 RC7 which in version terms is 2.0.47

so when you load it in to RC7 it asks you to update

With that in mind there could be an  issue with this rig given how early it was created , like I know when version 2 of avastar came out for the first time they were like DO NOT create a kit with this it's still  buggy and people did it anyway (TMP) and  it was broken

We could try to run an experiment to see if using an even earlier version of avastar could be the key to getting this to work but you knoooowwwww.. Please refer to Zero Notes 1 at the top of the page