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Creating Skin textures

Applying Clothes textures

Extra texture stuff

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Everyone in thank you for picking up the Bladencat Avatar

In this new MK8 series we have switch the system over from a texture applier, is that of a new second life bakes on mesh system.

This will allow us to be able to textures or Avatar without having to use pesky Scripts.

Instead we can apply them through a second life later systems such as clothing layers and Universal

I'll show you how you can use this system to get the most out of your avatar

Creating skins

To create a skin for a blade and Cat you need to have, a viewer that can support and create Universal layers .

Snapshot one

This is an example of what a universal texture looks like inside of your inventory.

I'll teach you how to create a new Universal

If you're using the Firestorm viewer

You're going to open up your inventory in first press the Plus or cross button at the bottom of your inventory menu.

Snapchat number 2

When it opens you're going to select new clothes > new Universal

And a new Universal will pop up inside of your inventory for you to add textures to.

Double click on this new texture and the universal will apply itself to your avatar.

Right click on the new Universal that we just create it and select edit from the menu.

The Bladencat body uses the following slots for its skin.

Upper tattoo

Lower tattoo

And hair tattoo

Textures for the upper body goes to the upper tattoo slot

That's it for the lower body goes to the lower tattoo

The head textures go to the hair tattoo

When to apply your skin textures to the Avatar feel free to just hit save has and then where the universal and you're done.

Now that the cat has the bakes on mesh feature ,

Applying clothes textures to the Avatar is easier than ever/.

In the past you would have to create the clothes texture and apply it to skin

Or create a transparent avatar on top of your clothes and make that work.

What's a new system you can easily apply the clothes texture to the normal Second Life clothing layer, wear it and have it apply on the body.

I won't get into the details of how to do 3D painting

Since I did a number of tutorials on 3D painting you can just use those and apply it to this method.

Video for 3d painting