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Animal Forest

This was one of the larger projects I was working onin Sl, However due to my retirement I wasnt able to finish it like I wanted to.
I was actually going to let this one die with me but a lot of people were waiting for it to come out and poked me to finish it, plus I did feel really bad about killing it after Gypsy did so much work on the scripts,

Zero’s Notes

To begin you're going to need to understand that this project was not finished

I did a majority of the work so there's not much that you have to do but if you want to put in the entire cast of characters from Animal Crossing it's going to cost you some money.

During the project I kind of ran out of patience and time because I retired so I didn't finish it.

However with these files you'll be able to pick up where I left off and then put Animal Crossing characters and wherever you want to put them in the metaverse.

Just know that I am not answering any questions when it comes to this,

So if you run into any problems you're on your own.

All of the models and things that I used in this I've either ripped myself or used from the Animal Crossing archive found here

So if there is any animals missing or things that you want from the game instead of contacting me just download the archive and you can get it yourself if you're not skilled enough to rip the models yourself from the game.

If you're on second life I already uploaded a number of the models already and have them set up with the scripts inside of it.

You can get it from the link here.

SL marketplace

Icon Index zip

Animal Textures

Animal .Blends and Second Life .Daes

Once you pick the animal that you want to be it is just a matter of you putting the textures on to the animal.

Because each animal has a different name, and both Japanese and English and I don't feel like going through them you can use the icons,

From this folder to find the animal that you want.

The name of the icon picture is the same as the file name for the animal that you're looking for.

For example if you're looking for the animal Coco, her icon will say rbt02, which means that if I want to text her my rabbit with Coco's files I would have to look for the file titled rbt02.

I was working on this I only brought in the standard animals, I didn't bring in any special characters like Nook or red or anyone like that.

If you want those characters as well as player characters you'll have to use the Animal Crossing archive and convert them yourself.

However I did make it Easy for you by creating tools to make the process as easy as possible.

For the conversion process I use blender 2.81 one and the Onigiri Plugin .

You also need to have a copy of the "better fbx importer" script for blender.

 it is the best thing to use for this project because it converts the animals into Blender at the proper scale.

 so you don't have to manually guess how tall each animal is, it does it for you.

I don't recommend using the default fbx importer for this.

Converting the characters

This is the process that I use to convert the Animal Crossing, animals and wearables.

First you'll need to open up your copy of blender 2.81.

Next you'll need to install the add-ons in order to make this process work.

Installing the plugins:

To install the plgins you need to go to the top bar and select edit preference add-on install and select the dot zip files of the plugins do not unzip the plugins. Once you select the plugins check the small box next to it and it will enable the plugins for blender.

Here is a video if you need help

For this project you only need the Onigiri Add on and the better fbx importer plugin.

Once those plugins are installed you can go on to the next section.

Conversion process part 1 :

Import the Animal Crossing models included in fbx format.

Go to file import and use the better fbx importer, to import the fbx model.

Do not use the Dae models for this project you want to stick with the fbx.

Before you import the model please use the following settings in order to get the model in at the proper scale.

Once the model is inside it's time to start the conversion process.

Conversion process part 2:

Select the mesh of the animal crossing character and open up the onigiri tab on the right of your screen.

Select the down pointing arrow on open up the character converter section.

Push the button that says load map

Download and open this file called : onigiri bone Maps.

One of the maps from the file and press the convert button.

If you notice that some of the bones for example a tail goes away, then press control Z and undo before the conversion and select another Map.

There are extra bones that will go away, during the conversion. However things like tails should have all the bones.

Once the body has been converted, you can move on to the exporting stage.

Exporting the mesh:

Before we can export the mesh we need to make sure that all the options are pressed properly.

Select all the buttons that are listed below

Process volume bones

 rotate for SL

Project full rig

And once those are selected just press the export mesh for SL/ opensim  button.

Name your file and then export.

Importing the mesh into second life:

Once your file has been saved you can go on to the next step which is importing it into second life.

Import it like you would any normal mesh.

Making sure that the lowest and low are setting to zero.

Then go to the rigging section and check the include joint position box,

Then calculate weights and fees

Then upload the mission to Second Life.

Now the thing is done.

Next we need to load in the scripts.

Loading in the scripts.

Rezz your animal in world, then a plain Cube.

Join the animal and the cube making sure that the cube is the mother Prim and the animal is the child prim. If links properly when selected the cube will have a yellow border around it and the animal will have a blue border.

Next you'll have to go into build mode and select the edit linked box,

And select the cube.

Drop in the provided script.

Download this Script

Now it's time to add in the textures.

Adding the textures:

For the most part the script will do all the work for you you just need to take all of the textures that are inside the animals texture folder and drop it inside the cube.

The script will apply the texture to the mouth and the eyes leaving you to just apply the body and sometimes ears texture manually.

If your character does not have a texture mouth and instead has a mesh mouth the script will acknowledge that and apply the textures properly, I don't remember but I think you may have to apply those textures manually as well.

Once the textures have been applied it is just a matter of you making the cube invisible and wearing it.

The emotion Hud.

An emotion hud was created for this, however I don't know how it's supposed to work.

It's provided in the second life kit but I'm not sure how to make it work outside of Second Life.

Here is what it looks like, and here is the files that made it go. Download Files

Clothes:  Download it here

I didn't convert any of the clothes to a second life format I just put them in the fbx format so they could be converted, you can follow the same method you did as to convert the animals, for the clothes.

The animals do not wear clothes like humans do and each animal has its own type of clothing.

However all of the animals close as well as the human clothes use the same textures.

Although it comes with three types of clothes per animal for the most part you can just get away with using the long sleeve garment.

Because the textures that have short sleeves are alpha'd out, so you don't really need to upload the mesh for short and medium sleeves.

No animal in this game wear pants, unless they have pants on them.

It's just dresses.

The clothes textures will be included here as well.

The textures I suggest you get a premium plus membership for second life if you want to upload this however if you're open sim it should be free.

And that's the Animal Crossing program I hope you guys have fun with it and use it and do what you like with it sorry I wasn't able to bring it to completion but I hope that we were able to do enough of it that you can do what you need to do in order to enjoy that Animal Crossing lifestyle.

If you enjoyed it it would be really cool if you could give me credit for all of this a number of the projects that I made people use but they don't give me credit and that kind of sucks, it's not like I'm charging you and if anybody was to charge you for this you know would have been expensive so just saying this was made or put together by zero or the mighty Ginkgo would be pretty neat.

Just saying...