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Hi and welcome to the site, sorry but a lot of it is still under construction.
I hope to have the website fully up and running one day, but for now I think I did enough data entry to keep you guys busy until I get everything else together.


Still Under construction

Sorry about that

The Power of the Ginkgo

It is said that if you place a Ginkgo leaf in the hands of a Kitsune then magical things will happen.
They can change form or infuse it with magic to  create illusions and wonder.
As a Kitsune I had hoped to use the power of the Ginkgo to  make wonderful things happen in Second Life



I like to Blog okay >_>



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Sorta kinda master the arts of SL

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Welcome to The Mighty Ginkgo Website.

I apologize for the wait as well as the overly girly design of the site, but I’ve come to realize..
That I really like this cute stuff..


Experimental Projects

Projects that are experimental

Experimental ZoneNews

Since the last Update we reported that Darkstorm was breaking, and when it broke we sent out a call for support in developing a new viwer to replace it.
Sadly Darkstorm’s Dev and Dev code has been gone since 2015, Leaving us all in limbo

So with the power of the Goons.. And the kind donations of VIP members the task of creating a new viewer was launched.

This viewer had to be made from scratch as the previous code no longer worked in second life; which is why everyone using Darkstorm/Revelator/meat ect were experiencing perma-cloud syndrome.

It took a few months since the developer only got my SOS  a month after I sent it, and endless testing, tweaking, and crashing but a new viewer was finally completed.
Introducing HYDRASTORM!
Or Hydra for short.
This Viewer is firestorm based like Darkstorm and has a bunch of new features, however due to the code change with firestorm some features had to be removed for the sake of A Crashing and B- Functionality.

Even I paid into the project a whopping $150 USD to help with the development, and y’all know I’m broke so this was a big deal, but it paid off We now have a viewer, No more orange clouds and we can get back to business as usual creating and living our SL lives.

Now as of this post Hydrastorm is only on the Goonsquad for VIP members, as they helped pay for the project.

I have agreed that that is fair and will wait to start giving it out here on the Mighty Ginkgo.
SO! If you want it right now just head over there pick up avip membership and support the development of this viewer.

Speaking of development, because we now have an active dev you can expect more frequent updates, and what I’m so proud about is that this viewer is CLEAN!

That was one of my terms for spending that mons, that the viewer not be dirty in any way. So no backdoors, no viruses.
Anywhoo keep your eye on the countdown below When it hits 0 I can share HYDRA!

Darkstorm is DEAD/ Hail Hydra!

The storm has passed and a new Era has come