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Hi and welcome to the site, sorry but a lot of it is still under construction.
I hope to have the website fully up and running one day, but for now I think I did enough data entry to keep you guys busy until I get everything else together.


Still Under construction

Sorry about that

The Power of the Ginkgo

It is said that if you place a Ginkgo leaf in the hands of a Kitsune then magical things will happen.
They can change form or infuse it with magic to  create illusions and wonder.
As a Kitsune I had hoped to use the power of the Ginkgo to  make wonderful things happen in Second Life




All the stores that I own/work with


Second life Tutorials

Sorta kinda master the arts of SL

Second Life Tutorials

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Welcome to The Mighty Ginkgo Website.

I apologize for the wait as well as the overly girly design of the site, but I’ve come to realize..
That I really like this cute stuff..


Experimental Projects

Projects that are experimental

Experimental ZoneNewsHydraStromHydraStrom


All Hail Hydra!

I opened a new store , and it too has it’s own cute website, I’m gonna update that quite often, of I you buy my products please be sure to check out the store tab to get up to date news and materials.

Store Section is now open

Buy my stuff >_<


I finally found enough data cables to load up all of my external HDDs!
I found a whole bundle of resources.
I’ll be posting these lose items here in the resource section.

Granted some of these are stupid old, and out of date, and prone to exploding, but you never knooow! It could just be the thing you’re lookin’ for.(Just don’t expect a tutorial on these resources)

Resource section is open!

A fancy dump of materials



Contains dev kit and a buncha other stuff to get your ball moving!

3/19/21: Dev kit 2.00 added to page . Kups body included

New Body tutorial added




We created a new kit for the Ebody.. Body!

With this kit you can texture and even rig items to your ebody nails!

New Dev kit! -3/19/21

Ebody Nails

Ebody Nail Dev kit added