There's a lot of  things going on at the Mighty Ginkgo

We had to switch our host, we got a new sim,

We made some new friends!
We have a bunch of new dev kits , and tutorials

We expanded outside of Second life and into other programs

We updated some old resources and retired some old ones.

There’s just so much! I hope you’ll continue down this bumpy creation road with us!

Update for the Kemono dev kit

We got a report that the big Kemono kit is missing the human body.

The body is there, it was accidentally moved

To the 3rd layer instead of the 1st.

Sorry about that


Our website is still being built, and updated daily, please forgive our appearance and lack of stuff…

Everything …..

The News Tutorial Updates Work in progress Coming soon

Bento tutorials?

We have some.. Not a lot but you know some…

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