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Hi and welcome to the site, sorry but a lot of it is still under construction.
I hope to have the website fully up and running one day, but for now I think I did enough data entry to keep you guys busy until I get everything else together.


Still Under construction

Sorry about that

The Power of the Ginkgo

It is said that if you place a Ginkgo leaf in the hands of a Kitsune then magical things will happen.
They can change form or infuse it with magic to  create illusions and wonder.
As a Kitsune I had hoped to use the power of the Ginkgo to  make wonderful things happen in Second Life



I like to Blog okay >_>



All the stores that I own/work with


Second life Tutorials

Sorta kinda master the arts of SL

Second Life Tutorials

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Welcome to The Mighty Ginkgo Website.

I apologize for the wait as well as the overly girly design of the site, but I’ve come to realize..
That I really like this cute stuff..


Experimental Projects

Projects that are experimental

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All Hail Hydra!

I opened a new store , and it too has it’s own cute website, I’m gonna update that quite often, of I you buy my products please be sure to check out the store tab to get up to date news and materials.

Store Section is now open

Buy my stuff >_<