Secret Arts of Darkstorm Vol.1

This is a video series I did back in the day explaining the bare basics of Darkstorm.

I picked up a lot of techniques since making this video but for now the info still holds up.

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging Darkstorm Tutorials

Darkstorm is one of the best viewers made for Second life. Make in the prebento era of SL, Darkstorm was one of the first viewers to support mesh and fitmesh back when it came out. Now it kinda goes without saying tha tthis is a copybot viewer and copybots are sort of a grey area in SL, yes it can be used for evil but it can also be used to create and back up things that you paid for, as well as many other things.

I highly encourage you to take this info and use it for good