You can’t think anime avatars without thinking UTILIZATOR! They’re one of Sl’s oldest makers of anime style avatars and their popularity is pretty much undisputed. Although the company is most famous for it’s Kemono avatars, I’ve noticed a lot of new people reluctant to create for them despite it’s popularity.

Avatar 2.0 beta

This is a basic human anime body,forever locked in beta, it’s very MMD style but has a thicker body.

It was recently updated to support bento and fitmesh,(Just the lower half of the body)

 However I did the tutorial a few months before that update came out, I really don’t have any plans on making

Another tutorial on this body until it comes out of beta.So if you want to learn the basics of the body then this is the class for you

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging


Simple yet complex the Kemono is one of the most popular mesh bodies on Second life

And I’ve managed to teach a few classes on them as well as make one mega devkit for your creating enjoyment.

The thing about this body however is that it contains a spectrum of rigs classic, fitmesh, and even bento, which can be kind of challenging. Only take this class if you have the determination to see it through!

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging