A series of tutorials based on the Orange Nova avatars created by Epicgordon Broome
These tutorials are aimed at  those wanting to create clothing for the Orange Nova avatars.

I always recommend these to people who are just starting out, their simple dev kit and low error rate are perfect for people  beginners and those who finished the  Back to Basic classes

Bifrost Bunny

This is a beginner’s dream if you are new to rigging and would like to hone your skills on a simple classic

Rig (No Fitmesh/ No bento) then this is the avatar for you.
Not to mention it’s beautiful body is super popular with modders, you have a nice market to start in.

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging

Snaggletooth Kobold

Hands down one of the most popular ONA body, popular with modders and skinners this is like a level two body

Easy enough for beginners to jump on but more complex than the Bifrost bunny.

This body is a Fitmesh/non bento Rig so you’ll be working with a few more bones

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging

Slugger Shark

The slugger is HUGGGGEEE, this is on the same level as the Snaggletooth, a simple rig but this body is a little more challenging than the Snaggle because of it’s size, and I think it’s facing in a different direction than the other bodies. This avatar is one of the free bodies Ona released and has a ton of skins but not a lot of clothes, so if you’re up for a quick cash grab this is the body to work with.

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging

Dvalinn Deer

This body is rather complex, It was difficult for me because I don’t really make male clothing but, that aside this is one the first ONA bento bodies. When working with bento you eed to take a few more steps than your classic fitmesh bodies.  Not to mention he’s also reallly really tall.

Like the Slugger shark he has lots of mods and skins but not clothes. So this is a good place for someone wanting to make a quick name for themselves.

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging

I have noticed that as of 10/17/17

Firestorm and the Default Sl viewer have been rejecting a few of the orange nova meshes.

This is because of the ONA use of attachment point/”a” bones which are blocked b some viewers

You can try to remove them before uploading or just use the Singularity viewer to get around this.