Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging

So you wanna be a mesh master? well you gotta learn the basics

this class is to help you the beginning mesh master become a master of the mesh!

just download the materials, watch the videos and follow along and soon you'll learn the skill you need to pay those SL bills

Back to Basics Vol 1: Mesh Clothing Creation and Rigging Back to Basics Tutorials

Back To Basics Vol 2: Mesh Avatar Rigging and scripting

Not the best but hands down my most challenging class to make oooh my brain

This is a full class on various rigging styles in Second life using Avastar 1

Materials for this class are in teh description.

If you're new to this, please download the materials and follow along.

Then Upgrade when you master it.

Back to Basics Vol 2- Mesh Avatar Rigging

Back To Basics Vol 3: Poses and Animations

This is gonna be the biggest book we make because animation is such a big topic,

These tutorials are aimed at the absolute beginner, We teach you the basics without teaching you every mundane task, Just the basics to get you familiarized with creating and hopefully get you creating /developing your own workflow.