So.. I bet you guys are wondering what happened to Zero, where is she, why aren't there any new tutorials being posted.. Well my dear friend.. My computer is dead.

I tried getting a replacement from a used computer shop and it died, so I had to ship it back and get another one, the new one came, it worked for 15 minutes before dying when I turned SL on, so right now we’re in the process of waiting for the replacement power supply to come in and then if it’s not power supply we may have to look at the CPU fan.

Luckily I have a bit of money to buy these parts but until everything squares out, I’m afraid our activities will be limited.

Update for the Kemono dev kit

We got a report that the big Kemono kit is missing the human body.

The body is there, it was accidentally moved

To the 3rd layer instead of the 1st.

Sorry about that


Our website is still being built, and updated daily, please forgive our appearance and lack of stuff…

That tall manly Deerman from orange nova that everyone is in love with. I just need to play with it a little longer and I’ll have a class for you guys..

Status update: It’s bread Jim… Tutorial Updates Work in progress The Mighty Ginkgo Coming soon

Bento tutorials?

I still don’t understand the bento eyes.. That's what s holding me up ---