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About Ginkgo

I bet you are wondering about this website, what is the deal with the prices?


What's the catch? What we're all about?

Well I'll be happy to explain that


My name is Aela and I'm the creator of the Ginkgo project, I've played second life for over 8 years now. I started playing after watching the CSI:NY episode that featured a killer who used second life to hunt her targets.

(Season 4, Episode 5: Down the Rabbit Hole (24 Oct. 2007)


Ever since then I've been charmed by the 3d world shown to me in that episode, I was mesmerized by the creations and stories, and communities the world was able to create, but as time went on I noticed the spark leaving the world.
Once beautiful sims that would make you question the graphic quality of real life now abandoned wastelands. Everyday more and more sims would die because they couldn't afford the tier.

Everyday more creators would give up because they couldn't afford the upload fees for the big projects they dreamed of.

This was a problem that I felt had to be addressed, So I teamed up with the Sidekicks team and created the Ginkgo project.

A new OS Grid that would eliminate things like upload fees and high monthly tier and focus on what made the virtual world great

CREATIVITY and having fun while you create.

Now I'm gonna be honest there are some things that don't work on the OS that do in second life. Think of the OS as Second life Lite.

You can still make avatars, upload mesh, and things like that but, some mundane things like sitting on a cube may look a little wonky >_>


Thus the $10 price tag


Just prepare yourself for little things like that

Also we arent asking you to kiss your current world goodbye
Please think of Ginkgo as a place where you can go to create, or relax, or maybe go on vacation. Ginkgo is your secondary home in the islands and if you decide to make it your main home/place of business we welcome that too.
Ginkgo is what you make it, we're just here to help.