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Rule of Rose- G.Peach Body

Belleza Women


Belleza VIF

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Okay so let me give yo ua little history on this body. I made this as a joke.

Shortly after I made a dev kit for the Kupra body someone came to my channel and said i couldn't create. This insult sent an unmedicated me into a rage, so I did a live stream cussin' her out and sculpting this body you see here. it looks like the Kupra body because thats what I was using as a reference.

As you can see if you watch the live.

Basically showing that making bodies aint nothing and I could do it in an hour.

I had planned on just chucking the body in the dumpster and go back to taking naps until someone hired me to make another kit. However the response to the video was a little shocking. People WANTED this body.

Some wanted it because they couldnt afford the brand one, other want it so they can practice making clothes for larger butt bodies without paying 4 digits or begging for the honor to do so.


What does the "G" stand for?

Georgia of course!

This body has quite the peach on her ey? and everyone knows the best peaches come from Georgia lol

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Blender 2.79

BBL Body


BBLbodyOld Dev Kit:Super Kupra Trooper Dev kit 1.0