When creating the Zero units I always intended one to be a Ninja. That was always her design when Model B came into existence she was just a normal girl. However after the righteous white knights  of the avastar chat started calling me a Pirate

I thought it would be funny to start dressing as one…and it was.

Every time they would get on their high horse and call me a Pirate I would go
“Yeah, can’t you tell from the clothes?”
This stopped their crusade, but created a problem for me. As now I had two Zeros

One a Pirate and the other a Ninja,and you all know how that goes....

Update for the Kemono dev kit

We got a report that the big Kemono kit is missing the human body.

The body is there, it was accidentally moved

To the 3rd layer instead of the 1st.

Sorry about that


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That tall manly Deerman from orange nova that everyone is in love with. I just need to play with it a little longer and I’ll have a class for you guys..

Random story 1: Ninjas vs Pirates Tutorial Updates Work in progress The Mighty Ginkgo Coming soon

Bento tutorials?

I still don’t understand the bento eyes.. That's what s holding me up ---